Friday, May 4, 2012

Haribo - Germany's World of Sweet

Haribo is a German brand ; a German confectionary company which has been producing gummy candies since 1922. It was founded  by  Hans Riegel Sr. in 1920 . The company's headquarters are in Bonn, in the Federal State of  North Rhine-Westphalen, Germany. Haribo is actually an  acronym for HAns RIegel, BOnn. Almost all of Haribo's products are my favorites and I never get tired of eating them. I always have a reserve at home. I am on diet, but I still can eat Haribo in moderation, just looking at their flavors, shapes and sizes makes me happy. I am dying to go home, Haribo is my son's favorite, too. This was actually one of the sweets I craved for when I was pregnant with him. Soon I am home and will be enjoying Haribo . It will really be a "home sweet home".

This Haribo Berries is my "soul" sister's favorite.

This Haribo "Sour Mangoes" I just discovered in a Gas station and have not tasted it yet. I want to eat it with my son.

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