Friday, May 4, 2012

Leberkäse /Leberkaese - German Food

Leberkäse is a traditional German food made from mixed ground meats baked into a loaf. Essentially, Leberkäse is the German version of meatloaf, featuring traditionally German ingredients. The basic ingredients of Bavarian Leberkäse or liver meatloaf are stripped beef, fatty pork, lard, water and salt.It is important to note that there’s no liver in Bavarian Leberkäse, although as a rule liver is present in examples made outside of Bavaria. Leberkäse is baked in a rectangular form with a rosé color  and with a dark crust.

 Leberkäse is also served in Austria and Switzerland. Although I am living now in Germany for about 5 years, believe it or not, it was  actually in Austria where I first tasted Leberkäse in one occassion  where I was forced  to attend a Gluhwein party one very cold winter night , where Semmel filled with a thick slice of freshly made Leberkäse and mustard sauce and Gluhwein were served to the guests. I devored it at once. I never thought it is tasting so good. Now it becomes a staple food in my home in Germany.

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