Monday, April 6, 2015

Bread.... Glorious Bread from Germany

German bread called Brötchen, I fell in love with you. It is possible to fall in love with bread especially German bread. I know there are other countries producing delicious breads, too, but I enjoyed so much the  many varieties of German breads which are available in so many bakeshops and bakeries all over Germany, some are plain ones, the others are rich with different kind of  seeds, such as sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy, sunflower, chia and sometimes they are even combined in just one bread. 

It is said that there are more than 300 kinds of bread (Brötchen) in Germany, well, I will try to show you at least some of them here. 

German Brötchen in pictures.

The most well-known kind and shape of Brötchen, looks ordinary but it is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are always available in all Bakeries/Bakeshops all the time. 

 In one of the Bakeshops we love when we were srill residing in Hamburg with big assortment of breads, loaf and other sweet and savory baked goodies

Brötchen with Sesame Seeds 

With black and white Sesame seeds 

With Oats or Haferflocken

Called Milcbbrötchen, probably flour mixed with milk

 With Mohn or Poppy seeds

With Sunflower seeds

 Zopfbrötchen (Braide Bread) with Poppy Seeds 

 Two (2) kinds above, called Zopfbrötchen and Hornchen (Horseshoe-shaped)  Brötchen with Poppy Seeds

Croissants are also available in one of the biggest Bakeshops in Germany called Back Factory

 The last 3 pictures are called Belegte Brötchen, Sandwiches in English filled with fresh vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, bell peppers and tomatoes with different kinds of cheeses, sliced boiled eggs, hams and salami, Frikadelle (meatballs/hamburger) and many more depending on what is available

It is me, curious about the names of the different kinds of Brötchen I saw in a Weekend market near my home.

These are called Kastanienlaugen. A kind of Brezel (Pretzel) shaped like Maronen (Chestnuts)

This one is called Kurbiswecken. Wecken is an Austrian word for Brot (Bread)

Kurbisbrötchen, bread with pumpkin seeds, my favorite and anotherkind of square Brötchen from Hamburg which was my choice of bread for my birthday in 2015

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