Sunday, April 5, 2015

In Pictures: Germany's Traditional Way of Smoking Fish

Summer time in Bremen, time for activities around Schlachte in Bremen, Germany. Here in photos are old fishermen selling smoked Forelle and other fishes the traditional way and then sell them freshly smoked. I never thought that I needed to fall in line and wait for a while to be able to taste their freshly-smoked fish, but it was worth the wait.

I can not choose which picture to post. It is very interesting to share to everyone, how smoking fish is being done in Germany (particularly here in the northern part) the traditional way. I enjoyed seeing and eating and I want you to enjoy it, too even by just looking into all the photos I made.

Need to fall in line already, while the fish are being cleaned and readied for the next batch of smoking. Shown are still hot and freshly-smoked Forelle. What a lovely treat. I just love its taste.

The drum as showned is where the fish are being smoked.

While the fish are being smoked, other fishermen are demonstrating how they fish to children around so that children are aware how the food on their table are being caught

Everyone involved in smoking are dressed in the traditional fishermen shirt, cap and scarf.

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