Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Philippines Talipapa

Talipapa is the Tagalog word that refers to a small, temporary food market , usually a makeshift market and also a mobile or roaming  market which is called Talipapang Gala.

Talipapang Gala makes used of rectangular box-like wooden structure with 4 wheels  being pushed to sell and offer the goods all displayed inside the wooden structure. Nowadays, the last time I visited my country, some are already using bicycles and motorcycles to sell food assorted vegetables and fruits and even fish and meat.

It amazes me all the time how inventive the Filipinos are and I am happy we have these things in the Philippines. It makes marketing for food easier and simplier for those housewives who has not enough time to visit a big wet maket which is usually located at the city center.

Please enjoy my pictures of these Talipapa as much as I enjoy them. I do miss my home.  Below are pictures I made of an example of Talipapang Gala which stopped right infront of my house in San Pablo City in the Philippines. There is nothing like this in Europe. 

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