Sunday, April 1, 2018

Torrijos, Marinduque: White Beach and Tinaphan

The black and white pictures below were taken when I was 9 years old. I will never forget this vacation . It was when my Lolo Polonio went back to Torrijos after his visit to us  bringing me along. I will never forget all the beautiful memories I had during this vacation with my Lolo and my Tiya Haydee when they still lived in a small native hut (Bahay Kubo) in Daungan.

Below are newly-catched Tulingan, a Skipjack  Tuna brought by the fishermen from the Laot (translated as Open Sea)  early in the morning, Laot is the term used in Marinduque where fishermen go to fish using their motorboats. They all leave in the evening or before sunset to fish then return early morning in Daungan (harbor/wharf) where the locals, especially the housewives are already waiting to buy the freshly caught fish.

These are usually made by my Aunt as Tinaphan, smoked fish in Marinduque, then eaten as soon as they are ready.

I will never forget these Tinaphan and its smoky taste. These are one of the goodies (Pasalubong) brought by ma Lolo (grandfather) whenever he visits us in Valenzuela when we were young. They are smoked perfectly and still maintain its freshness even without frying.

My grandfather lived in Torrijos with my Tiya (Aunt) Haydee and her family until his death, but once in a while he visits my mom bringing all goodies my Tiya Haydee prepared for us, such as Tinaphan, fresh fermented fish (Bagoong) in old bottles of Tanduay Rum, and Matamis na Bao (sweetened coconut milk)

I will never forget my grandfather, Apolonio. He was such as sweet Lolo (grandfather). He visited  my mom and all of us every now and then travelling by boat  for more than 10 hours from Torrijos to our residence in valenzuela with all the Pasalubong (gifts/presents usually brought by someone arriving from a trip) he can bring us.

The Tinaphan or Smoked Tuna called  Tulingan is seen below which my sister and I enjoyed very much during our last trip to the Philippines, It was freshly caught and smoked at once, then served to us, to our surprise.

Tulingan is also called Tambakol and Tangingi in Philippines. In English, it is called Skipjack Tuna.

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