Sunday, December 28, 2014

2013 New Year in Amasterdam and Olibollen

Now that New Year is fast approaching, I can only think of the joy I had last 2013 New Zear which I spent with my cousing who is living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I feel so blessed, what can I ask for in my life. I was in another foreighn land enjoying what I always wanted to do, travelling and tasting the foods of other countries.

Eating Olibollen in Amsterdam is an old age tradition in The Netherlands. It is traditionally the food for New Year's eve  and with family and friends around in a very lively city, it was a memorable experience.

Olibollen which is literally translated as "oil spheres"  is one of the traditional foods of The Netherlands. They are made from a dough which is prepared from scooping the dough (to produce a sphere.shaped dough)  then deep-fry. They are also sold during fairs and during winter time, they are sold in mobile food stalls around the city.

I am sharing you now the joy I had eating Olibollen infront of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam) situated on the west side of the Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam under the beautiful flickering Christmas lights decoration of the Dam Square.

The first 2 pictures was taken while I am standing with Oliebol on my hand  infront of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam while enjoying my Olibollen in New Year's Eve 2012
The Dam Square with its huge Christmas tree with beautiful flickering lights in 2013 Holiday Season

The Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My first Oliebollen with raisins. I was able to eat 3 pieces of the 5 pieces I bought. The picture is not good enough though so my Oliebollen can not be seen clear

The joy I had after eating Oliebollen can be seen clearly in this picture inside the bus on my way home.

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