Saturday, December 27, 2014

My mommy is 80... Her name is Lidwina

I can write a long list of my mom's virtues as a woman... but all I can think of to say about her right now is that she is a superwoman ... through and through... tough inside and out... and a very loving mom. I have been thinking about her for several days now and I was able to talk to her for some minutes the other night, but I still long for her and I am having misty eyes trying to write this post.

My mom loves to cook , and she is a foodie, too. Here she is enjoying Thai and Japanese food. One of my last lunches with her when I visited her in Houston, Texas

My mom sitting on the left together with our relatives in San Antonio, Texas. She lived with my 2 cousins when she was starting her life in America and took care of their kids, 2 of them are now accomplished nurses. My cousins have nothing to say for my Mom, except that she is a great, patient  and loving companion 

She practically grow old with these two (2) boys, Ryan and Francis. She waits patiently for Francis looking at the window when he arrives from the school bus station with lunch on the table

Mommy, now walking with a cane and almost blind. Her fear is that she will not be able to see anymore. She loves to read and solve puzzles so her brain will still be good, she told me

My son and my mom. My son is not lucky enough to grow up with my mom, I wish he grew up with him

My mom enjoying the gifts for my sister as if it is hers. One night, she said she is hungry for Filipino food, so what she did was to cook Matamis na Saging - Saging na Saba (cooking banana in the Philippines) cooked with brown sugar. You see the result below

I have so much anecdote to share about my mom, lots and lots of them. This is only the beginning of my long article about her.

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