Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Everyday Traditional Foods from the Philippines in a Small Eatery called Karinderia/Carienderia

Karinderia or Carinderia is a small eatery  usually located by the side streets of most big cities in the Philippines or canteens of offices, schools and other establishments around the Philippines where food is offered at reasonable prices, but still tasting good.

Here are some of the foods offered in a small office Canteen owned by my bestfriend in the Philippines which is located near a construction site in one of the landmarks in the Philippines where construction of many buildings are undergoing.

More than 12 kinds of savory and sweet foods are offered by them everyday, from breakfast until almost end of office hours which is around 6 in the evening.

How I miss these foods, In the Philippines, you just have to get out of your house, walk a bit, then you will already find a small eatery offering newly cooked foods. This is something which i will never experience while living in Germany. There will be lots of bakeshops and gas stations offering sandwiches or sweet snacks, sometimes there are also some traditonal foods like Wurst (sausages) and meat dishes,  but never as many choices of traditional foods right at your doorstep.

What can I say more. Philippines is really a home sweet home. Here also is a picture of the 3 lovely women who cooks and prepares everything so they can offer workers and employees these delicious home-made dishes.

I miss my friend, Eva (the middle in the photo), I have not seen her since almost 10 years. Now she is turning into a good enterprenuer together with her partner, a good cook, too

Pochero, meat stew and the most distinct ingredient is the Saba or cooking banana. It is Pochero becuase of these bananas

Breaded fried chicken. Friend chicken will always be the Filipinos favorite food.

Ginataang Tilapia, Tilapia, a variety of lakewater fish cooked with coconut milk

Adobong Baboy, savory pork dish where the pork is cooked with vinegar, soy sauce and spices.

Dinuguan, the Philippines one of a kind blood stew

Fried Liempo, pork stomach fried to perfection until the pork skin is crispy.

Nilagang Baboy, boiled pork ribs with lots of vegetables, like Chinese cabbage, Corn on cobs and potatoes, with pepper and salt to taste. Eaten best with Fish sauce called Patis with freshly squeezed Calamansi (Filipino lemon)

Another variety of Dinuguan, blood stew  without so much sauce, and made from inner organs of pork, like lungs, heart, liver and intestines

Ginataang Tilapia, fresh Tilapia cooked in coconut milk, this time with lots of sliced tomatoes which makes it creamy and a bit sour.

Maruya, sliced cooking banana called Saba, breaded and fried

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