Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tenters Backhaus..My Favorite Bakeshop/Bakery (Bäckerie/Backhaus) in Germany

There are so many bakeshops/ bakeries in Germany. In every corner you face, there is a a very good bakery that produced lovely breads, sweets and goodies and just going inside a bakery here is a feast of the senses. The smell , the looks and the taste of these different goodies make me drool over and over again.

Going to a bakehop is one the best times of my life here in Germany, especially when I go to my favorite German bakeshops of all time, Tenters  Backhaus which produced my favorites Mohnkuchen (with Poppy seeds) which you will never find in the Philippines and the baked goodies called Victoria which melts in the mouth. I also love their very pillowy soft Quarkbällchen (small balls goodies made from quarks) and my not so favorite Mandelhörnchen also became my favorite the last time I tasted them.

Shown below ais my favorite Tenters Bakeshop walking distance away from home and my favorite baked goodies from them

Will not miss going to Tenters when ever I can or passby their shop

Forgotten the name, but it is made from very soft and not so sweet cream. I ate this for my breakfast while waiting for the result of my dog's operation.

Below are pictures of  baked goodies with orange toppings, one is filled with cream cheese or maybe quark and the other one is filled with Mohn (Poppy Seeds)

Two (2) pictures below is my most favorite, Mohnstreusselkuchen. Baked goodies filled with Poppy seeds. Yummy!

Me at Tenters buying our treat for ourselves to celebrate Valentines and the first time I return to my favorite Brisk Walking

There is just too much goodies,quite hard to decide so I opted for Victoria and I was delighted by my choice

Tenters Victorias are melting in the mouth... it is soft and seems to be that there is a bit cream inside which I cant explain. The round goodies is the Berliner, which is always available in any bakeshop around Germany

This is called Mandelhörnchen. Horseshoe-shaped baked goodies made from 100% Marzipan and coated with slivers of roasted Mandel (Almonds) . I never enjoy this particular goodies, but Tenters version became my favorite. It is not so sweet, it is soft and really made from Marzipan and maybe just a little portion of flour

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