Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My youngest brother ... Feast of Singapore Flavors

My  youngest brother who works as a Personal Trainor is lucky enough to have a client who  is visiting Singapore for 3 weeks. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and has been working as a Personal Trainor mostly for old clients who wants to maintain their exercise regiments even when they are travelling. Once, he was invited to join his client on an Asian cruise and now he is travelling in and out of  Singapore. Nowadays, we are in constant contact through the wonders of modern technology,  as we are planning to travel to Houston, Texas for my mother`s 80th birthday. He  is also sharing to me  about his experiences in Singapore, where he lives and the people whom he lives with and of course about  food, as I know a lot where are the best street foods in Singapore.  He knows  I am a foodie,  I talk to him about all the nice dishes he can enjoy in the country. He knows very well that  I have a great passion for food and has been collecting food pictures and Singapore is one of the countries in Asia which I have not visited yet so he is kind enough  to share to me all the pictures of the foods he was able to eat and enjoy in Singapore.
I am so happy that my brother can travel now, his visa for America was not granted unfortunately, but I told him to remain happy, because he has been travelling to one of the best countries in the world, get to know people from the place and enjoy their culture.
Not everyone is given an opportunity to work abroad, and this is a great opportunity and he must  just have to continie dreaming of one day meeting our mommy in America.

Here are some of the pictures he shared to me while in Singapore. I really had fun watching them. I am happy for my brother, for this chance to visit a beautiful country.

Mixed Rice Curry / Economy Rice Meal - Mixture of Rice and choice of dishes

Roti served with spicy lentil curry

In Fresh food shop in Singapore, varieties of fesh chilis and fresh vegetables, like Okra

Big, fried  Crab (Mud crab)  with salted eggs yolk sauce called Salted Egg Crab.

Food Plaza with lots of stores offering different kinds of dishes. At Bukit Batok in Singapore

Singapore's Economy Rice Meal

Ice Kacang  -  Singapore's very own snowcone. Similar to the Philippine's Halo Halo

In a Japanese Restaurant in Singapore serving Sea Urchins served on its shell

Clay Pot Rice

 Singapore Coffee in a Kopitiam / Coffee Houses.Strong black coffee,  Singapore way. I think I will enjoy this one as I love black coffee.  This is called  Kopi-O Kosong

Last 2 photos is  Seafood Mee wrapped in a husks. It is noodles cooked with seafoods and wrapped in what seemed to be corn husk