Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Ode to Great Cooks from Allepey, Kerala, India

These are two (2) of the women behind the  delicious foods that I ate while on vacation in Allepey, Kerala, India for one (1) month. 2 generations of women who taught and showed me how to prepare a lot of South Indian traditional food/dishes. From removing the skin, cutting to have the right size, tempering spices that is used for each dish, grating coconut using the old tool , grinding the spices using the traditional grinding tool and using other tools to prepare good breakfast and snacks. Daily , these women, prepare and cook food from breakfast until dinner lovingly. They serve what they cooked to everyone and all the time, they are the last one to eat when everybody is done enjoying what they have  prepared. 

I called them only as Amma (mother) and Ammachi for grandmother in Malayalam language used in Kerala, south of India

With the 3rd generation of good cooks. I am very sure she will inherit her grandmother's talent for cooking South Indian food and hopefully she can get proper education to be a Southern Indian Chef later.

I've lost track of this family I have learned to love in Allepey as I became busy with other things in life: I wonder if Ammachi is still alive. The last time I heard from them was that she became very sickly because of her age. I always wished that one day I will get to visit them again at least to see Amma and to savor once again the  beautiful dishes they lovingly cook from day till night 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Schlagobers / Schlagsahne (Whipped Cream)

Schlagobers is a word used in Austria that refers to Whipped Cream which is also called Schlagsahne inn German and in Germany.

It is like a tradition that Schlagobers or Schalgsahne is always available when served with cakes or ordering cakes and also pancakes/waffles at home or in the coffee/bakeshops.

When you order a cake you will always be asked if you want it served with freshly whipped cream.

Almost no housewife in Germany will serve a cake without Schlagsahne on the side. Always with a Whipped cream and it makes the cake more delicious.