Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Panaderia - The Philippines Bakery or Bakeshop

A very interesting visit to a Panaderia in Torrijos, Marinduque. Me and my sister and brothers and my in-laws enjoyed it a lot.

 My sister and my nephew enjoying together a crispy baked goodies

Hotdog and Hamburger buns are also available

  My sister-in-law , my brother and their eldest son had a blast choosing those delicious bread which we all enjoyed when we were young

Who will not enjoy sitting and relaxing in these bamboo chairs infront of this Panaderia on a sunny afternoon

Those delicious breads of course needs a partner as usual, the partner of baked treats is soda.

My sister flew all the way from Houston, Texas was so proud of her "pack of treat"

I was happy to find Pinagong , something which I enjoyed  when I was 9 years old when my grandfather (Lolo) brought me to Torrijos 

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