Monday, May 14, 2018

The Chef in Me: Cooking Jackfruit (Langka) Marmalade/Jam

Maybe funny, but when I visited the Philippines last 2016, I found lots of Langka (Jackfruit) sold in the markets and in one corner of Sampalok Lake which I saw when I was brisk walking.

I brought some packs of Geliertzucker from Bremen where I reside at the moment. These Geliertzucker are specially prepared sugar for making jams/marmaladed from the fruits harvested during the spring and summer season.

In Germany, I make Kirschmarmelade (Cherry Marmalade), Johannisbeerenmarmelade and Quittemarmelade from the fruits which we harvested from our trees around the yard, so when I saw and smelled ready to eat Langka fruit , I thought I must preserve some of these fruits until I return to Germany and enjoy it with our native bread called Pandesal with nice brewed coffee during breaksfast

Here are the result of my experiment in pictures below:

Langka (Jackfruit) from the Philippines and Geliertzucker from Germany, another untion of 2 cultures

Testing the consistency if it is hard enough to spead over bread

 To invert the glass after the hot marmalade is placed in the glasses until they get cold. This was the method Ive learned from the German housewives who taught me how to make marmalades/jams

 Oh so tasty, scraped the remaining syrup from the pot

The finished product, my very own Langka Jam

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