Saturday, April 28, 2012

Austria's Tafelspitz

Tafelspitz is one of Austria's popular dishes which is also available in Germany. It is defined as boiled fillet of  beef, served with Meerrettich sauce, Apple sauce, etc.

I had been very curious about this dish, as I have heard about it and its popularity among the tourist coming to Austria, so I tried it, unfortunately, while I am in Austria, I failed to go to  Restaurant Plachutta which is said to be serving the best Tafelspitz in Austria.

I am excited to post my pictures of Tafelspitz, so you can enjoy it ,too. The details about it, I will try to post later.

I enjoyed this food at Wienerwald Restaurant in Vienna, Austria where it is called Wiener Tafelspitz
mit Cremespinat (cream of Spinach) , Rösterdäpfeln, Apfelkren (freshly grated horseradish)  und Schnittlauchsauce. So I will not forget  here is the website of Wienerwald Restaurant with 8 branches in Austria -

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