Monday, April 23, 2012

My youngest brother - Alex and my 2 nephews (Xandre' and Xabier)

I am missing my youngest baby brother. Alex. I miss our days together exercising in the gym and brisk walking daily for 45 minutes around a big lake in San Pablo City and afterwards our nice Filipino breakfast. He helped me a lot to be fit , I was 73 kilos when he joined me in San Pablo and trained me until I reach my present weight which is 50 kilos. He is now a father of two (2)  boys, Xandre and Xabier. When I see Xandre, I see my little baby brother when he was a young boy...  when I carry him in my arms . I wish that he is doing ok, life is hard in the Philippines, he has a young family so he has to work double time to earn. I am praying for you and your family all the time, Alex. You must always take care.

                                                  Alex with his 2 boys - Xandre and Xabier

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