Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Butterapfelplanke - German Cake

Found and bought a nice cake today, I want to indulge after almost 4 kilometers of walk using ma favorite machine. The gym where I go for my daily exercises is located inside a small mall nearby my home. It is in that mall where our favorite Turkish Restaurant is located and various bakeshops where we indulge on cakes and coffee once in a while after our 2 hours gym time  This cake is from a new bakeshop in Berliner Freiheit located in Neue Vahr in Bremen, Germany. The cake is called Butterapfelplanke , named as such in keeping with the motif of the new bakeshop which is "maritime" considering that Bremen is one of the biggest ports in Germany.

Butterapfelplanke is filled with butter cream with bits and pieces of cooked apples with sugar as toppings. The word "planke" means "board" in German and my husband told me that the floor of the ships are make of "planken" (planks/boards). The bakeshop named all their cakes after  their theme "maritime". My husband even noticed that the sales ladies are dressed in maritime uniforms and they greeted him with the word "ahoi", the greetings used by the seamen. Very interesting, indeed.

Here is the picture of  this delectable cake, does it look like a "board"?

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