Friday, April 6, 2012

Linsensuppe - famous German soup cooked by a Turkish

Linsensuppe the German term for Lentils Soup made from Linsenbohnen . I do not know how to cook Linsensuppe, I had only tasted one time a Linsen dish in the Philippines in one of the seminars I attended in a  resorts in Pampanga where Linsen was served like rice and since then, I became a big fan of Linsen, however, Linsen is not a well-known food in the Philippines since we have the Mung beans we call Munggo.

In Germany, Linsen is widely used. Germans make it as a soup or stew with meatballs or sausage (Linseneintopf or Lentils Stew). I can buy different varieties of Linsen  in almost all supermarkets and even from the Asian stores here. I cook it once in a while like my mother  used to cook Mung Beans way back in the Philippines. My mom now  lives in Houston, Texas, how I miss the Pilipino Ginisang Munggo or Mung Bean stew with Aubergine.

But here, whenever I like to eat a very good Linsensuppe in my favorite mini restaurant standing outside of the grocery where I purchase our everyday needs. This Turkish restaurant is owned by a very warm and friendly family who makes a very good Linsen Soup and  other traditional Turkish dishes. Once I asked their secret, the owner just laughed, but I guessed it right, the best part of their Linsensuppe is the addition of finely chopped fresh mint leaves. Of course I made a photo of their Linsensuppe and here it is. Enjoy !

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