Friday, April 6, 2012


Karfreitag in German is known as Good Friday, it is sunny but still cold for me, it is very quiet as usual around our community. Kingdom of Sports, the Gym (Fitness center) where I go for our daily exercises opened late than the regular opening time.  I am finished with cleaning and my laundry is now hanging on the backyard. I have now time to study about "Sauces", mother sauces, small or compound sauces, etc. Just for the different kind of sauces there is very much to read, to reseach, to study and to learn how to cook at least one of the many sauces I read about.I need to make Hollandaise sauce, I have white asparagus and here white asparagus is traditionally paired with Hollandaise sauce.

Soon I  am hitting the gym, it is getting sunnier, the news said there is much traffic in the Motorway. Everbody wants to have their Easter Holiday. I opted for the gym , I hate having a vacation when everybody also wants a vacation, when there are so many people on the streets , in cafes, and on the parks.
my favorite machine, the cross trainer for my cardio .

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