Thursday, April 19, 2012

Filipino Food - Relyenong Bangus

I posted about a German food - one of the many varieties of sausages which is Bockwurst, but I am actually missing foods and traditonal dishes from my country, the Philippines which I can not cook in Germany. I have been to some Asian shops in Bremen, where I am residing now, but whole milkfish for making a Relyeno is not available.

For now, I will just be contented looking at the pictures I made when I went home to my country 2 years ago for my nephew's wedding. We celebrated the pre-wedding party  with a reunion. My mom and my sister flew in from Houston, Texas and I sychronized my vacation to be able to attend the wedding, too as I was the wedding godmother. In the Philippines when there is a reunion, varities of traditional and  special dishes are prepared, too. Close neighbors, family friends and the important members of the bride's family also came to celebrate with the bride and the groom

This is the Philippines, Relyenong Bangus or Rellenong Bangus , Relleno (Relyeno) means stuffed or filled, a Spanish word which is still being used in the Philippines, considering that the Philippines was a former colony of Spain for many, many years. Bangus is the national fish of the Philippines and is called Milkfish in English.

Relyenong/Rellenong Bangus is thus, stuffed milkfish.

When I was still in the Philippines, I prepared this dish several times. In the wet market where I was going to, there was a fish vendor where I always ordered my fish and she was very good in preparing the bony Bangus for making Relyeno. She patiently remove all the tiny bones of the Milkfish. I miss the chance to make this delicious food for my step-children and my husband when we have parties in Germany. I am very, very sure that they will enjoy eating the dish, too.

For now, let us travel to my home country thru this hard-to-prepare, but delicious dish.

Slices of Relyenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish)

Deep-fried Relyenong Bangus 

Relyenong Bangus served with slices of cucumbers and lettuce and tomato ketchup 

This is how Relyenong Bangus is cooked in some parts of the Philippines, specifically in one shop specializing on selling the Relyeno, they wrapped the stuffed Bangus in banana leaves before deep-frying

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